10 Amazing Things To Do In Krabi: Everything You Need To Know

Krabi, the capital of southern Thailand’s Krabi Province, is a miles and miles stretch of incredible coastline, encompassing spectacular panoramic beauty, lush landscapes, leisure activities, limestone crags, and so much more.

No wonder why the place is becoming the foremost tourist spot in Thailand. From ravishing landscapes to 200 islands dotted in this coastline region, there is so much to explore and see in Krabi.

Want to visit every star attraction of Krabi in your visit to Thailand? Add these fantastic ten things to your bucket list and there you go with a perfect itinerary, to begin with.

Buckle up your seat belts and let’s just get on the voyage of discovering the best things to do in Krabi!

Koh Poda
One of the most astounding islands in the Krabi archipelago is Koh Poda. This spectacular tropical getaway is located six kilometers offshore of Ao Nang beach, and a long-tail boat is feasible enough to take you there. Every inch of this winsome island is worth sight-beholding, including the vast glittering white sand covered by the alluring pine and palm trees. You can enjoy the bounty of sea life in the coral reef that is just 20 meters away from the beach.

Railay caves and beaches
Railay, the place with timeless serene beauty, is situated to the south of Ao Nang, and the boat is the only way to reach the spot. People of Krabi brag about this place, and why won’t they? No one can think how this small peninsula has preserved its natural charm in the four white sand beaches, aesthetic caves, viewpoints, and soaring limestone cliffs.

Princess Cave, hidden lagoons, and the Diamond Cave are the highlights that ought not to be missed.

Tiger Cave Temple
Tiger Cave Temple, locally referred to as the Wat Tham Suea is a perfect blend that fascinates people with the love of history, archaeology, and meditation in the heart. The place famous for the giant beautiful golden Buddha statue and the imprint of tiger paw is worth binge-watching as spectacular panoramic views surround it.

Koh Hong
A perfect destination to get laid on the virgin white sands and enjoy the beauty of nature that it encompasses. This great gathering of minuscule islands offers stunning views, delicate white-sand seashores, coral reefs, and a beautiful tidal pond. It’s a6 place you can appreciate and have endless adventures with swimming, kayaking, swimming, scuba jumping, fishing, sunbathing, climbing, and picnicking.

The Emerald Pool
If natural beauty falls in the craving list of yours, then my dear travel wanderers, this place is just for you. The Thung Teao Forest Natural Park is an outstanding natural creation with no competition in any corner of this planet. This lowland forest is a complete natural trail that fascinates tourists with its rich flora and fauna. The star attraction is the two pools named Emerald Pool and the Blue Pool that stuns your gaze by being vividly colored by the sun’s reflection.

Koh Tup and Koh Mur
The unusual and unique shape of Koh Tup and Koh Mur is what fascinates people worldwide. The place connects you to a third island, at low tide known as Koh Kai through a sandbar. A mesmerizing walk enjoying the serenity is worth a lifetime memory. Don’t forget the endless adventure; you will experience snorkeling opportunities and a short hike to Koh Tup’s summit.

Phi Phi Islands
The Phi Phi islands are probably the loveliest in Thailand that takes approximately a 90 minutes ride of ferryboat to reach.  The activities you ought to indulge in while being at this charming place are swimming, shake climbing, scuba plunging, and climbing. Phi Don is additionally renowned for its happy air, and it has an excellent feasting scene.

Krabi Town
If you want to relish the Thai culture and enjoy the locals’ infinite hospitality, then stick to Krabi Town. Being very provincial, the town has its charm and has restored the Thailand culture aesthetically. However, different from the other spots of Krabi, the town is a must-visit. The town is a rewarding experience with its unique personality of being the main commercial and transit point.

 Ao Luk Mangroves
Ao Luk mangrove and caves is an excellent spot to explore and have delicate experience encounters in Krabi Province. Ao Luk District is found some 40km north of Krabi Town, making progress toward Phang Nga Town. It encapsulated some incredible protected regular habitat.

Klong Thom Hot Springs
Klong Thom Hot Springs is situated in the jungle close to the Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve. These hot springs are believed to emerge from ancient volcanic chambers. Not only are they fascinated by their mere beauty, but it renders medical treatments like stiffness, sciatica, and other skin issues. They offer a wonderful time, washing in the warm water encompassed by an immaculate lavish condition.

And there you have my perfect Krabi bucket list of some exotics spots that as wholesome cannot be missed by any chance. Go, enjoy, and make this trip an unforgettable one of yours.

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