5 Things Not To Miss While Visiting Finland: A Perfect Guide

Finland, the land that brags about its mountains, waterfalls fascinates people to experience the Northern Lights in the globe. Visiting Finland is a preferable thing you should do if you love traveling and the outdoors. Every summer has something exciting to offer and, in winter, you should visit Santa’s village.

Due to its out-of-the-way location and the reason that Finland is a very costly place, many people do not visit the site but don’t be one of this crowd. Finland has so many things to offer travelers, and there are different methods to save your precious money.

One of the main reasons that travelers visit Finland is to get all its wintery delights, be it visiting Father Christmas or riding with reindeer in Lapland. If you want to experience skiing, you should go to the range of ski resorts placed around the nation, and in the summer season, you can take the pleasure of warmer weather that is the best option for hiking and biking.

Of course, the most renowned aspects of all Finland’s attractions are the mighty Northern Lights, which most people consider the most memorable part of the Finland trip.

Other things to see and experience in Finland

Go ice climbing
Finland is famous for its eye-catchy ice formations, adding frozen waterfalls and tall ice walls inside deep canyons or valleys. Like rock climbing, travelers can go with the right equipment like helmets, belay devices, ropes, ice axes, etc., and handle the sheer ice walls in the chilled winter season. There are various renowned organizations like Bliss Adventure that will provide you equipment with the right gear and provide you the joy of ice climbing in places like Tajukangas Falls and Korouoma Canyon.

Learn some history at Siida Museum
Siida Museum is located on a gorgeous Lake Inari, and it is said to be one of the most famous museums in Finland. Visit the museum to hear the Sami or the Laplanders of Finland, who were a semi-nomadic tribe.

At the Siida Museum, you will experience nature exhibits and attractive galleries, and the best information sections. The galleries include the complete history of the Sami from previous times to the present. You will also see engaging rotating galleries and a theater that provides the shows of the aurora, also known as the Northern Lights.

Visit Pakasaivo Lake
This lake is located in the north of the country, and it’s known as a Sámi holy place. This is basically a meromictic lake, which means the upper layer and bottom layer of the water surface do not mix. The surface area of the lake is very less than the depth of water, so it doesn’t mix.

This builds an oxygen-free surrounding where the minerals at the bottom are perfectly preserved. This has made Pakasaivo Lake very famous with divers. If you have vast experience of diving, then you can perform diving with your gear.

Explore the Ranua Wildlife Park
Visit Finland and have some knowledge about the arctic animals at the Northernmost nature reserve. This park includes 50 various animal species living in reserve, including the only polar bears in Finland. There is no artificial lighting available in this natural reserve, and you have to bring your torch or flashlight if you want to visit in the evening during the winters.

Cruise around the Harbor Islands
You should take a walk around some of the islands in the Helsinki harbor. There are more than 330 islands that make the Helsinki city archipelago and more attractive. You can visit Suomenlinna easily with regular municipal ferries from Market Square, or you can choose other public ferries to enlighten yourself with different islands.

Vallisaari and Kuninkaansaari are the two most famous islands for a great visit, as they used to be surrounded by military bases and closed off to the public.

Final Takeaways

Finland is a super safe country, and the risk of violent crime is almost zero. Pick-pocketing can be a problem, but mostly in Helsinki and mainly during the months of summer. Leave your essential things or gadgets at home and be careful around ATMs.

If you’re planning a trip to Finland, consider the above suggestions to have a sparkling visit to the country.

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