7 Reasons To Visit Chiang Mai: A Paradise in Thailand

Chiang Mai referred to as the “Rose of the Earth” is situated in the north of Thailand. With incredible historical preservation and rich civilization preservation, the city is likely to be called the cultural capital of Thailand.

With so much to do and explore in Chiang Mai, your trip to Thailand goes in vain if you don’t venture to diverse land of ethnic preservation, incredible wildlife, ravishing landscapes, and much more.

If you are not yet convinced to add this place to the bucket list of your Thailand trip, here I am unveiling the incredible reasons that make this city a must-visit along with penning down every highlight and star attraction of the exemplary place.

Scenic beauty
Chiang Mai is a perfect idyllic retreat for nature lovers. No place more beautiful than Chiang Mai can be found in any corner of the world. Thailand bragging about its exemplary eco-systems is no crime because a place like Chiang Mai makes you proud of it. With the bounty of natural beauty, this glittering ancient city encompasses lush forests teeming with exotic waterfalls, picturesque landscapes, incredible wildlife and much more.

For centuries, the city is known for preserving this abundance of beauty with sheer care within a few kilometers so that people can either venture out to experience the ancient city or the spectacular mother nature.

Historical preservation
Chiang Mai was once profoundly known as the capital of the ancient Lanna Kingdom. Said that the built of the city is evident enough to prove that because the ruins from the ancient civilization and remnant great wall that protected the city are still preserved. All these ruins can actually take you back to ancient times.

Along with the aesthetic civilization ruins, the Ping River is also a historical highlight through which all the trade used to happen.

Incredible wildlife
If you are an animal lover, then believe me Chiang Mai is a paradise for you. The city is rich in wildlife and helps you take a pile of animal memories with you. It has an abundance of wildlife sanctuaries with the elephant sanctuaries being the most prominent where you get the spectacular experience of playing, feeding, and bathing with them.

Don’t even dare to miss the Chiang Mai Night safari to encounter endless adventures with free wildlife animals.

Already excited? Yes, Chiang Mai is the home to some of the world’s best food that gives you heaven. Your taste buds are going to bless them for letting them have these incredible local delicacies. Whether it is the ravishing street food or the succulent tribal food, believe me, all your senses are gonna say vow to you.

But be careful, it may be a bit on the spicy side!

Tribal escapade
Tribal people are the essence of love in Chiang Mai. Meeting them, exploring the old customs and traditions with them is a delight to experience. Take some time to acknowledge the people of the Hmong tribal village who fascinate every traveller with their spectacular food, customs and clothes. It is worth a lifetime memory to experience these diverse ethnic hill tribes of northern Thailand.

Endless adventure
Chiang Mai is a perfect blend of the historical, natural, and adventurous trail. On one hand, you experience the exotic flora and fauna, on the other river rafting, Hiking, Water abseiling, kayaking, rock climbing, and zip-lining cause an adrenaline rush. Thus, Chiang Mai is a place that has something for everyone without causing any disappointment.

Trekking in the lush forests and experiencing the wildlife up close in their own habitat is another adventurous yet natural retreat for travelers. You can enjoy spending a night under the beautiful stretch of stars in the jungle either in the tent or the treehouse.

Home of temples and museums
Chiang Mai is the home encompassing a plethora of religious places and museums. What drives tourists around the globe is the sanctuary remaining on the peak of Doi Suthep, embellished by excellent stairs.

The museum at Chiang Mai delineates both present-day and ancient periods aesthetically. Visit these incredible museums that showcase winsome artifacts and lose all sense of direction in the unpredictability and detail of workmanship. Pig Mouth money is a must to visit.

With so much said, I hope the reasons must have got you goosebumps and on your toes with a feel of rushing to this alluring creation with so much to explore. What are you waiting for? Add this amazing and fascinating place to your trip to Thailand and make a perfect Thailand itinerary.

Buckle up to enjoy the unforgettable moments of your life.

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