Best Things To Do in Cambodia: A Perfect Itinerary for Backpackers

A trip to Southeast Asia is fragmentary without a trip to Cambodia. This dubious nation is home to some of the globe’s best, renowned and eye-catchy sights, including the majestic Temples of Angkor, which gets the attention of over 2 million visitors annually.

Cambodia ended up being my sweetheart nation to backpack through during my last trip of 10 months in Southeast Asia. In fact, this scenic place had me completely smitten. The people and environment were awesome, the food was luscious, and the temples and other dubious places left me in awe.

There are many more things in Cambodia than just these nameworthy remains though. With forests, beaches, unexampled wildlife, party islands, and more, there’s something for moody people. Squeezing all these things into a short span of time is very unpalatable.

Now I realized that I never really put together a Cambodia vacation for you, so I am putting my feelings here. This works for different ways of stay, as you can choose your reliable hits, starting from the capital, which can be easily inverted or switched up depending on your beginning:

Arrive in Phnom Penh
Phnom Penh International Airport is vested about 45 minutes away from the burg center. If your staying location hasn’t arranged a conveyance, then don’t worry because multiple stands line the airport exit, providing transport to your inn, guesthouse, or wherever it may be that you’re proceeding towards the city center for a fixed price. This comes in the type of taxis ($15) and tuks ($10), private minivans can also be arranged.

Apsara Dance – Witness the Khmer Performance
For the dabblers of art, dance, and theatrics, the Apsara Show, or the traditional Khmer performance, is one of the bonzer things to do in Cambodia. This cultural performance form draws its basics from the mythological courts of kings and Gods, from where it has built into its modern, uncouth kind that we experience today.

The Khmer performance revolves around a peculiar storyline which it narrates through the attractive, flexible steps of the performers and their hued, eye-catching attires, which is why it is among the most pleasurable things to attain in Cambodia.

Otres Beach
Otres is one of my beloved beaches around the globe and it is one of the most chill surfaces in Asia. Unlike the buzzing Sihanoukville, Otres is tranquil and quiet. I remember enjoying this place for more than a week, losing my time period and intention to leave. It’s the place to have relaxation and calmness. It’s been more than 5 years since I was at this beach, and from what I’ve gathered, Otres has a new face of shine with the same beauty and popularity.

Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum & The Killing Fields
Be mentally vigilant before you travel to the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum (also called as the S-21 Prison) and The Killing Fields. This is a time-traveling ride to a dark time in Cambodia that may lumme you completely and disbelief that such genocide has placed fewer than 40 years ago, during which more than millions of citizens lost their priced lives in unwholesome under the Khmer Rouge regime.

At the S-21 Prison, images of some of the victims are gathered on a board, displayed in the rooms that were utilized to imprison, pangs, and kill them. Staying in these rooms, imagining what went down there, is an abominable feeling that words cannot state. At The Killing Fields, I highly recommend paying the additional money to rent the earphones and follow its Injuns to trek the area.

Perhaps it’s a Cambodian place, but Kampot is another destination that many people end up living in much longer than intended. While the combination of some retired expat males and extremely young local boys made me feel uneasy. Kampot itself is a fascinating place to forget about everything else and get lost to this pleasing place. It is a sleepy little place by the river where travelers are few and the pace of life easy.

Other than the slow-paced daily movements and tectonics with a combination of French and Chinese influence, the city is also known for pepper, which has truly enhanced the culinary palette in Kampot. Though I’m not a selfish eater, I hear that the Pepper crab is popular here. Go to a local place, haggle with the local Khmer salespersons, and pay to have your crab well-cooked to perfection with that palatable Kampot pepper sauce.

While every place is booming in growth and enhancement, somehow Cambodia, outside of the main places, is keeping things relatively buxomy and doggo.

Above are the few things of Cambodia’s more graceful and special collocations, though like most of Southeast Asia, it’s always evolving with new locations popping up every time, just ripe for spunk and quest.

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