Budget Backpacking Bali: 10 Days Trip Guide for First Timers

Bali; the perfect tropical getaway got something for everyone. It offers a mish-mash of experience to couples, families, and backpackers. Being a highly pocket savior place, Bali is a bang-on place for backpackers with so much to explore and rejuvenate. The lush green forests, the enigmatic artistic temples, the scenic beauty, the alluring beaches, and unending adventure is all that hide in the land of Bali.

However, it puts you in a dilemma while preparing the Bali bucket list. Here, I am taking the hap off you and penning the best of all the places for a 10-day budget backpacking trip to Bali.

Let’s begin the voyage of discovering Bali!

Day 1: Seminyak
Seminyak; an upscale territory on the west side of the island that has numerous seashores, boutique shops, and scope of cafés that will fulfill every one of your longings. It is the best kickstart for an impactful journey in Bali.

Get a first look at Seminyak by strolling through Jalan Kaya Aya, the central avenue that is brimming with shops and eateries. At the west stopping point, it leads into Jalan Petitenget, a long breezy road with a bounty of boutique shops and bistros.

Show up before nightfall so you can get your first dusk in Bali.

Day 2: Seminyak + Jimbaran
Visit Double Six Beach to sunbathe or figure out how to surf. If you need to be more social, visit one of the seashore clubs like Potato Head Beach Club.

What’s more, end the day with a new fish supper on Jimbaran Beach. Thank me later for letting you experience having the most flavorful fish supper on a seashore while viewing the nightfall. One road trip to Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan is conceivable with Scoot Cruise

Day 3: Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan
Visit Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan simply off the coast from Sanur on the east side of the island. Try to book your quick book ticket online with Scoot Cruise for a road trip. When you show up in Nusa Lembongan, recruit a bike for the afternoon.

To begin with, visit the Devil’s Tear and Dream Beach on Nusa Lembongan. And afterward, cross the Yellow Bridge to visit Blue Lagoon on Nusa Ceningan. Now, spend the remainder of the day swimming or surfing. What’s more, when you are eager, eat at The Island Ceningan where you can have a loosening up feast on a beanbag and hang out on the swing in the water.

Day 4: Uluwatu
After an amazing breakfast, advance toward Uluwatu, which is exactly at the south finish of the island. Because of traffic, it takes, in any event, an hour or so to arrive. However, it will be worth your time!

There are a couple of things you should do in Uluwatu. Initially, visit the deserted Boeing 737 Aircraft. The mystic place attracts a number of tourists who speculate about how the aircraft arrived there.

Next, visit the absolute best seashores in Uluwatu: Pandawa Beach to see miles and miles of fine white sand and artificial limestone dividers; the Suluban Beach it has wonderful stone arrangements and at the last unwind at Bingin Beach with new coconut.

After all the fun in the sun, visit Uluwatu Temple, a lofty sanctuary roosted on the head of a bluff. While you are there, appreciate the Kecak Fire Dance at night. The show is at 6:00 pm which is an incredible opportunity to get the dusk and the exhibition simultaneously.

Day 5: Ubud
An outing to Bali isn’t accomplished without visiting Ubud. It is a laid-back town with expressions and artworks, culture, rice porches, sacrosanct sanctuaries, and cascades with which you can get acquainted by strolling the town. There are numerous hallowed sanctuaries, keepsake shops, expressions, and artworks stores, exhibitions, spas, coffeehouses, bistros, and eateries that can keep you occupied for the whole day.

Try to visit the lovely Saraswati Temple which is in the town. At the west finish of town, you will discover Campuhan Ridge Walk, a loosening up stroll between rice fields and palm trees.

Day 6: Ubud
To start with, visit Tegalalang Rice Terrace where you will see the falling rice handles that are simply an idyllic retreat. Visiting around Ubud without seeing a cascade or two is a mandatory no from my side. To start with, visit Air Terjun Tibumana Waterfall and Pengibul Waterfall are your go-to places to experience pure serenity and peace.

Next, you can visit Tegenungan Waterfall and Blangsinga Waterfall and enjoy taking photographs of the cascades, tasting new coconut at the bistro at the head of the cascade, and even go on one of the goliath swings!

Day 7: Mount Batur and Ubud
Probably the best thing you can do in Bali is to see the dawn from Mount Batur, one of the most dynamic volcanoes in Bali. The rise starts at 4:00 am which gives you an adequate chance to see the dawn at 6:00 am. Wear legitimate climbing shoes to guarantee security and the best experience without any trouble while your trail to the mountain.

After a magnificent morning at perhaps the most noteworthy top in Bali, go through the day unwinding by the lodging pool or Jungle Fish Bali.

Day 8: Canggu
Canggu is a little waterfront town only north of Seminyak and south of Tanah Lot. It is the ideal spot to end your 10-day epic excursion in Bali. When you show up in Canggu, stroll around Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong, which is one of the central avenues in Canggu, to get acquainted with the new neighborhood.

While you are perusing the new hood, look at one of two of the best bistros in Canggu. Bistro food isn’t as modest as nearby Balinese food, yet it isn’t costly either.

Day 9: Canggu
Tanah Lot is a renowned milestone only 20 minutes from the core of Canggu. The hallowed place is entirely arranged along the shores where waves come crashing in.. Also, it is ideal to go promptly toward the beginning of the day or catch the dusk in the late evening.

Coming towards the end of the backpacking trip in Bali, slow down and take as much time as is needed to appreciate Bali. What’s more, Canggu is the best spot to do that. Invest some energy in dark sand Echo Beach, have a beverage at La Brisa and be social at the Old Mans.

Day 10: Fly home

10 days pass by rapidly. Pack your bags and load the ton of Bali memories in it to fly back home safely and happily.

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