Cambodia 1 Week Itinerary: Wonderful 7 Days in Southeast Asia

Cambodia, a small country yet encompassing so much to explore and do. This neighboring land of Thailand has viciously grown as a tourist hub from the past few years due to the plethora of things it hides. From the spectacular Angkor to ravishing Phnom Phen, Cambodia is one of a hell of places that offers so much.

Helping you put the right places together in your Cambodia bucket list, especially for those with time deficiency, I have penned down the priorities of this place that without a doubt are the highlights of this place.

Now! Let’s buckle to stroll the actual Cambodia trip of 1 week.

Day 1: Siem Reap
Begin your journey with the most alluring place and the home to popular Angkor Wat. Plan to capture the scenic beauty of the sunrise. Thereafter, the curtain-raiser, your next spot should be the world’s most incredible and enigmatic creation: the Bayon. Believe me, the place gives a high-impact start to your perfect journey to Cambodia. Visiting all the four gates of Angkor Thom, but don’t even think of skipping the south gate that is worth binge-watching.

Thereafter, go to the Terrace of the Leper King. Have your lunch and head towards the beautiful Ta Prohm temple. For the evening, experience the idyllic retreat of classical dance and the nightlife at Siem Reap.

Day 2: Temple Hopping
With so much culture and tradition to explore, the temples of Cambodia all fall in the must-watch bucket list. Preah Khan is the foremost place to put in your temple itinerary. It is a magnificent complex with a galore of incredible passages presenting the glimpse to spectacular carvings.

The ravishing temple-mountain Pre Rup emerges from the flatlands, and on the off chance that you climb it, you not just get the opportunity to see point by point and lavishly saved carvings, you additionally get great perspectives on the encompassing open country. From that point forward, you have the choice of coming back to the temple you enjoyed for some more exploration experience, regardless of whether that is Angkor Wat itself, the Bayon, or Ta Prohm.

Also, you can stroll the markets of Siem Reap that offer a bounty of things to stuff in your bags and take back home. Stone carvings, hand-woven Cambodian silks, artistic Cambodian souvenirs and so much more are what travelers take from here.

Day 3: Phnom Penh
You will most probably reach at lunchtime at Phnom Penh, so head towards the riverfront for enjoying your lunch and experience the frantic bustle of the city around Sisowath Quay.

Now, head towards strolling Street 178 that offers you the ravishing glimpse of art that is encompassed in the beautiful galleries and boutiques, the place has.

The National Museum is all about exploring Angkorian and pre-Angkorian sculpture. The Royal Palace that is just next door stands the next in your day-3’s list. End the day by visiting Wat Phnom.

Day 4: Mekong Cruise and ancient exploration
To those who know the place, must be familiar that Cambodia takes you back in time unveiling some beautiful and horrific events the country has preserved in itself. Tuol Sleng is a place worth sight beholding that makes your heart heavy while you exit the place. Another great place, Choeung Ek is a tough call to visit if you are accompanied by your kids. However, these places will help you have a better understanding of the greatness of Cambodia.

Now, after reliving the terrific acts that occurred in Cambodia, cheer yourself with delighting lunch and delicacies of Cambodia. Thereafter, take the Mekong cruise to enjoy the most spectacular journey of your life amidst water and take a glance at incredible pass-by places on your way.

Japanese Bridge to Prek Leap is the evening spot to cross and then have your dinner at one of the most famous traditional Khmer dine-outs.

Day 5: Strolling the market
If you are a shopping freak but missed the chance of filling your bags at Siem Reap, then head to Psar Toul Tom Poung. With a galore of every incredible thing ranging from beautiful souvenirs to clothes to so much more, the place is referred to as the Russian Market. Bargaining is not their cup of tea, but don’t forget to be the polite version of yourself.

Now, head towards the alluring Sihanoukville by taking the bus after enjoying the delicious delicacies in lunch.

Day 6: Sihanoukville
After the tiring, yet incredible trip of five days, it is time to lay back and enlighten yourself with the splashing sound of water at the beach, an emerald stretch of white sand, and pure serenity. Don’t forget to try the appetizing crab or lobster that is astonishingly cooked in front of you.

Day 7: Kampot
Rarest of the rare, if you are done with Cambodia and laying back at the Sihanoukville beach is all you want to do, then you have ended your seven days incredible journey. But, if like others, you are not done with Cambodia, then you can head to Kampot, which is a very short distance from the beaches.

Enjoy the locals illustrating their traditions by sitting along the calm riverside at Kampot.

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