Funky Flashpacker in Siem Reap – Best Hostel for Budget Backpackers

Why should you stay at Funky Flashpacker Hostel on your next trip to Siem Reap?

Trip planning to Siem Reap is a two-way road, one that is difficult, and the other is easy. Preparing the perfect Siem Reap itinerary and the bucket list of things that ought to be done, there is all a belonging of a simple road. But, what gets you stuck is choosing the right accommodation. Right? Backpackers and elite people often come across the famous Funky Flashpacker hostel while they do their accommodation hunt. 

But, blindly, you can’t just book anything, so here’s a comprehensive review of the Funky Flashpacker hostel that will take you out of the dilemma of whether to end your hunt here or search for some other places. There are uncountable reasons for choosing this hostel without any second thought. Let’s get started without burning more time!

  • Overview of Funky Flashpacker Hostel

The gathering never stops here at Funky Flashpacker Siem Reap, perhaps the biggest lodging! The Sky Bar is open every minute of every day, serving mixed drinks and global lagers, or you can snatch a curiously large beanbag by the focal pool and watch a round of water volleyball. They have daily gatherings and occasions, and music siphons through the inn throughout the day, keeping up the gathering climate. Get a tranquil spot upon their housetop porch and snooze on a comfortable pad in the event that you need some peace, or relax under the shade of a market umbrella. 

  • Area and Location

Angkor Night Market is a 10-minute leave, where you can attempt a spoiling fish foot spa or some nearby road food, and Pub Street is a couple of squares further, with a lot of fun overhang bars and cafés. UNESCO World Heritage Site Angkor Wat is around 20 minutes away via vehicle. They have an administration from Airport SR, or you can bounce in a taxi or tuk-tuk and reach this incredible hotel in just around 30 minutes. 

  • Rooms and Dorms 

The perfect, brilliant apartments are sight-binging built with the perfect blend of individual understanding lights, extra closets, and fitting attachments, and endless comfort vibes. Every residence has its own restroom with showers, while private single, twofold, twin and quad rooms have en-suites. All the rooms accompany free cloth, towels, and Wi-Fi, and are embellished with mainstream society fine art – so you can wake up close to wall paintings of Madonna, The Joker, or Renton from Trainspotting! 

  • Delicious Food Menu

The most amazing feature about the ravishing place is the kitchen that serves Asian, and Western food 24 hours every day, including alternatives for veggie lovers, vegetarians, and other dietary prerequisites. During your personal time, relax in one of the hanging day beds, make up for lost time with some perusing, watch a film in our film room, or sort out certain passes to the brilliant sanctuaries of Angkor Wat at other visit work area.

  • Skybar, Fun Games, and Swimming Pool

This is the best part of this Hostel and the 24-hour sky bar is extremely well-liked by visitors, particularly when you’re hungry in the early hours of the morning. It’s an amazing party hostel, great staff and there is always something to do. By day you can chill at the swimming pool and at night you can go to the sky bar. All their crew members are so pleasant and helpful, they’re what makes Funky Flashpacker the place it is today and they will make you feel like you’re at home with your old friends. They have theme parties every day which includes games like Beer Pong, Gender Bender, Pub Run, and many more fun activities along with some free drinks and tequila shots. Skybar is the place where you’re going to involve with so many new people and make new friends.

  • Very Budget-Friendly

The place is a treat for people, and it is no wonder the place fills up within 4-5 days of opening. So, it is wise of you if you plan your bookings early enough to get a room here. For the prices, you may find that it varies at different platforms, but an average number to provide you with a brief idea would be $2 per night for dorms and private rooms around $8. Funky Flaskpacker is one of the incredible accommodations in Siem Reap that never gets old as a place and is a magnet for thousands of tourists every year. People often rate it higher than eight on the review scale up to 10, which ultimately makes it the perfect destination to stay. 

So, if you are planning a trip to Siem Reap, this is your place friends that is budget-friendly and sets perfectly in your Siem Reap bucket list as well. 


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