How Expensive is Backpacking in Philippines: 7 Days Budget Travel Guide

With more than 7000 islands, the Philippines is probably the best island getaway residing on the planet. The country offers you so much to explore with its majestic landscapes, enigmatic culture, endless adventure and so much more to conquer.

So, with such a significant number of islets to look over carrying different vibrant cultures, experiences, and culinary enjoyments, where do you at any point begin to design a schedule and make sense of where to go in the Philippines? Here’s my guide to the Philippines.

Talking about the budget the Philippines is on the higher side in context with expenses and you ought to see fewer backpackers in the place. But if you got the $40 expenditure for every day of the week, you my friend are so on track to experience these amazing days of your life.

Day 1: Manila
Brouhaha is the word to describe this incredible place residing on our planet. Be thankful that you have this place that offers you so much to explore. Give an impactful start to your journey with appreciating Manila by visiting the Walled City of Intramuros. In Intramuros, explore the social side of the capital city most from the Spanish Era with fortifications and bastions, complete with guns. Manila Cathedral is a wonderful church alongside San Agustin Church where you will experience the incredible florid houses of worship recorded as a UNESCO Heritage Site of the Philippines.

From Intramuros, you can drop by Rizal Park, the greatest park in the nation, and pay your tribute to the nation’s public saint – Jose Rizal.

At night, head for an outing north to Sagada, leaving Manila at 10 pm. You can either take transport (not recommended) or recruit a nearby driver to take you to Sagada.

Day 2: Manila to Sagada
There are two courses going to Sagada, to see more in less time, take the Manila-Banaue-Sagada course.

Named as ” Philippines’ Shangri-La”, Sagada will take you to the nation’s most peaceful spots along with which you can enjoy the hospitality served to you by the amazing locals and also know about their indigenous culture. If you are visiting the place for the first time, Sugong Hanging Coffins and Sumaguing Cave are the star attractions that ought to be in your bucket list. Climb or simply appreciate the foggy haze-tasting hot espresso. It is the ideal reprieve for the spirit.

Day 3: Sagada to Baguio
Wake up to an excellent day in Sagada. If your travel lust for Sagada is forcing you to explore the place more, there are falls and entombment caverns. Climb to Echo Valley, appreciate the appetizing food, and communicate with local people.

Toward the evening, travel to Baguio. Built by the Americans, Baguio is an excursion spot to escape from the sweltering atmosphere in Manila, the “Late spring Capital of the Philippines” has changed into a monstrous urban city in the northern and sloping region of the Philippines. Appreciate the recreation center and the exquisite nightlife at Session Road.

Day 4: To the World’s Best Island
Show up in Manila from Baguio early morning, have your breakfast, and head directly to the air terminal to travel to Boracay. The journey is 60 minutes and thereafter your landing, you ought to take a 10-minute ride to the Port for reaching your final destination: Boracay.

After long-haul voyages and climbing, spread your tangle or search for a sun relax. Simply rest and unwind. Head for the alluring nightfall experience that the island is known for. Boracay is a spectacular island sparking the amazing vibes of enlightenment and partying; around evening time make the most of your preferred beverages, jive to the island music, and meet individual voyagers.

Day 5: The Party proceeds
After breakfast, pursue the island hopping that will take you to ravishing islands with swimming and littler seashores in Boracay like Puka Beach. If you need some outrageous games go to the opposite side of White Beach in Bulabog Beach and appreciate kitesurfing.

Prize yourself with a cool brew. Appreciate the breeze and sleep under the coconut tree. Toward the evening, stroll along the 7-kilometer white sand seashore of Boracay – its most well-known element before appreciate a fish holiday in Boracay for supper.

Day 6: To the Queen City of the South
From Caticlan fly to Cebu, one of the Philippines’ capital urban communities encompassing amazing seashores and rich culture. You can go to the downtown area and visit the Santo Niño Basilica, Magellan’s Cross, and Fort San Pedro – a gander at Spanish occasions in the Philippines and Cebu as the fortification of Catholic confidence in the nation.

You can stroll around at the numerous shopping centers or appreciate Cebuano dishes beginning with Lechon – cooked pig. Around evening time, go to Tops or delight yourself with amazing meals in Busay, to give you a staggering perspective on the city.

Day 7: Swim with the Giants
Cebu is renowned for its Whale Shark visits. Leave the hotel to begin the early voyage from Cebu City toward the southern town of Oslob and experience some National Geographic experience with whale sharks. Submerged cameras can be leased and you will have a trinket photograph of you swimming with perhaps the greatest creature on earth. End your colossal involvement in whale sharks in Oslob with a cool shower at the popular Tumalog Falls.

From that point, you can venture out back to Cebu. Cebu has numerous global flights or travels back to Manila.

The Philippines certainly has more to offer beginning with the well-known Palawan and Coron and the untainted gathering of Island in Batanes. This guide will give you a sample of what Philippine travel is tied in with revealing to you that for sure, it is more enjoyable in the Philippines.

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