How to get a tourist Visa for Vietnam and Cambodia?

Planning to experience the mesmerizing beauty of Cambodia and Vietnam? Like every other plan to travel abroad, the foremost thing to do is apply for a visa at the right time. With multiple platforms lending you a handful of travel services, either you pick the best of those and take the heap off you for the perfect travel planning including the best itinerary, travel tickets, accommodations, and the visa.

However, if you believe that it’s best to be all by yourself and you are willing to take the charge of everything, here I am with a fully comprehensive guide of getting a tourist visa for Vietnam and Cambodia.

Let’s just dig in to know the steps of getting the tourist visa.

Make sure you apply for the Vietnamese visa as early as 6 months from your travel date. You can either apply for the visa through mail or you can send your application in person. Steps you ought to follow are:

  1. Go to the online platform of the Vietnam Embassy to download the visa application form.
  2. Fill the application that also requires the attachment of passport size photos of your and the ones going with you.

In case you have got the visa approval, all you need to do is fill in the reference number available on the top of the form. But if you don’t have visa approval and your trip is in the next three months, then leave the column blank for the embassy to take care of.

  1. Now put the documents along with the photographs in an envelope and make sure to seal it properly.
  2. Incorporate visa charges as MONEY ORDER, or CASHIER’S CHECK, or CERTIFIED CHECK payable to “THE EMBASSY OF VIETNAM”. You can check the fee amount of the stamping visa easily at the consular office. All you have to do is request them to provide you with the information of current charges, (for example, processing fee, visa approval charges, shipping. Delivering, managing, and expedite services) by means of email: [email protected] or call phone number 202 – 861 – 0737.
  3. You have to include a prepaid return envelope that encompasses the tracking numbers, in case you want it to return through the mail. To ensure safety and security, the Embassy advises to utilize USPS – United States Postal Service (prepaid postage stamp envelope or return mark purchased on the web) or prepaid return FedEx name.

For those planning the trip family or friends or whosoever, you can combine the entire payment in one certified check or the money order.

Keep in mind that the authorized processing time is five business days. The expedited process times will take almost two-three business days once the Embassy has gotten the application. Don’t even think of missing the tracking numbers of the envelopes going to and coming from the Embassy.

At the point when the above cutoff times have passed, the following numbers are used to check with the mailing administration first. Try not to make phone calls speculating on the status of your application until after the third business day for an expedited case and the seventh business day for a normal case.

For the people holding the residency of the United States or Canada, you are entitled to get the on-arrival visa approval at the air terminal in Siem Reap. It costs $35 US – in real money. You’ll have to bring: your visa, substantial for in any event a half year; 1 identification photograph; ahead flight ticket; and money to pay for it. Simple!

People belonging to other nations like India can have a seamless experience of applying for a visa through the online portal of the Cambodia Embassy. All you need to do is make your payment on the portal and there you go, wait for the 7-8 business days for the processing to complete and get your visa update.

Hence, we have come to an end by describing the process of getting a tourist visa to the two most spectacular places on the planet. Be careful while following the procedure and don’t delay the dates.

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