How to Reach Cambodia from Thailand: Your Complete Guide

Thailand and Cambodia are the most plausible choices for visiting places in South East Asia. Thailand has the bonzer ingredients for a vacation in paradise, and you will unearth its unique southern islands off the east coast, get relaxation in the gleaming sun and eat some of the exclusive Thai food. Meanwhile, Cambodia is very famous for the ancient ruins, splendid temples of Angkor Wat.

Traveling from one nation to another, though, does need a little and essential planning, as there are some critical things to remember while traveling to Cambodia from Thailand. To make your trip to these buxom lands, you need to know how to move from one nation to another, and the norms that apply in each, while moving from Thailand to Cambodia.

This fascinating trip to Cambodia from Thailand offers the perfect option to experience the rose of Indochina. It is much easier to move from Thailand to Cambodia with some of the passes mentioned below:

Book a minivan at Khao San Road
If you know the routes of Khao San road in Thailand, you might have noticed various tour companies available. They also provide cost-effective border crossings to Siem Reap in Cambodia.

For less than 9 USD, they can take you to Siem Reap. Although Cambodia is not a costly place to travel in, 9 dollars are quite fair, right? I booked my ticket at Stray travel, but there are various travel companies to choose from. So I checked out some travel agencies near the Khao San region and asked them for transportation from Thailand to Siem reap. After getting mixed advice from other travelers, I took the risk and booked a ticket from Thailand to Cambodia. It turned out I made it to Siem reap and very quickly, to be honest.

Flight to Cambodia from Thailand
There are 3 airlines available: Thai Airways, Bangkok Airways, and Thai Smile, which provide direct flights from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport to Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. Another cost-effective choice is to fly to Cambodia from Don Muang Airport with Thai AirAsia. At around one hour of flying time, this is an excellent way to travel and save your precious money and time.

Buses from Thailand to Cambodia
Another way is to travel by bus from Bangkok to Cambodia, the cheapest option (from $24). It serves more flexible and cheap routes than flights for those who have enough amount of time. There are 2 stops while traveling by bus: Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.

To travel from Bangkok to Siem Reap, you can hire a direct bus leaves from Northern bus terminal Mo Chit in the morning. It takes about 7 – 10 hours. Meanwhile, there is a single direct bus of Transport Co International to Phnom Penh. It moves at 5 a.m and arrives in Phnom Penh by 6 p.m on a similar day. The bus completes its tour from Bangkok to the border in 5 hours and takes 7 more hours to reach Phnom Penh. After reaching the Aranyaprathet/ Poipet border crossing, you will take around 1–2 hours to capture a Cambodia visa on arrival.

Train from Thailand to Cambodia
The train from Thailand to Cambodia takes around 6 hours to get you to the border. It is the cheaper and more cozy way than a bus. Train to Cambodia offers you a chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery go by as well if you’re traveling on a daytime train. There are 2 ordinary third-class trains departing for Aranyaprathet station regularly from Thailand’s Hualamphong Station.

The morning train begins at 05:55, and the afternoon one leaves at 13:05 with a price of $1.6. Once you reach Aranyaprathet, it is around 5 km to the border control area, easily traveled by either two-wheelers, taxi, or tuk-tuk from the station, costing about $1.5 to $3. You should travel on the morning train if you want to reach Siem Reap on a similar day without hiring a taxi.

Visa to Cambodia

If you travel from Thailand to Cambodia, you can get a visa after reaching the airport quickly and rapidly if you qualify. While traveling by bus or train from Bangkok, getting your visa at the Aranyaprathet/ Poipet border is not a challenging task but can take a little time. For getting your visa, you need to carry two passport-sized photographs and your valid passport. If possible, go for an e-visa online, which costs $37, including a $7 processing fee, which will be the best option. The e-visa is readily accepted at Siem Reap and Phnom Penh airports, Poipet border (from Thailand).

Pick your most comfortable and desired mode of transport that suits your pocket and traveling needs. If you want to save your precious pennies, choose a minivan at Khao San road or train. However, if you’re going to add some more vintage to your tour, choose the government bus or take an airplane.

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