Khao San Road: A Heaven for Backpackers in Thailand

Khao San or Khaosan road is the ultimate mecca for backpackers in Thailand. It is the legendary headquarters for shopping, munching knick-knacks, thrilling adventure and so much more catering to the needs of a budget traveler.

This crazy road present in the heart of Banglamphu, the place for the backpackers, is a creation built entirely for an idyllic retreat to a diehard backpacker. If you don’t want to be the crowd, Khaosan road lets you be the audience. Pull a chair, grab a beer, and enjoy what the rich diver crowd got for you.

With so much said, you must be excited to know what this place is and what hidden treasures it has for you. Cutting off the extras, let’s just quickly get into discovering the best things to do and explore at this heavenly Khao San Road in Thailand.

Shopping at Khao San road
Khao San road is all about being cool and funky. The market speaks volumes for the place. So, expecting it to be like a traditional market where you can look for souvenirs is no less than a delusion. The market includes a bounty of industrial creation that aims to sell and sell. It is all about profit.

You take the name, they have it in terms of shopping like abundant clothing for both men and women, second-hand books, and other essentials that are all required for a backpacking trip.

The tattoo establishments are somehow the highlights and are careful if you choose to get one.

The party at Khao San road
The party at Khao San road is the best party one can ever have in any corner of the world. You ought to taste the Thai beer of this place. You are gonna get very cheap, the real cheap beer at Khao San road. But, here’s an alert for you that there is a common practice of selling laughing gas or NO2 in bars which is totally illegal and may put you in a bad situation. As said, “what’s wrong is wrong even if everyone does that”, so just stay away.

Enjoy the craziness of the crowd, have fun, and be the best version of yourself at Khao San Road.

Munching at Khao San road
The food here is extraordinary. For some, it’ll be their first road food experience and it’s an incredible spot to begin. I would strongly suggest going for the traditional Thai top choices to guarantee you’re getting incredible flavors. Cushion Thai, prawns/chicken with beansprouts, lime, stew, and peanuts over noodles is wonderful and goes far to keeping you full for scarcely any cash whatsoever.

From the road slows down, snatch a couple of sticks of flavorfully marinated satay meat and chow down as you wander your way along the road. For those searching for a new taste, I’d enthusiastically suggest attempting a green papaya serving of mixed greens (Som Tam), simply be certain that you have your Thai expressions convenient to control the measure of warmth that goes into it.

 The sightseeing at Khao San road
After living all the dramatic nightlife, if you wish to stay, Khao San got some plans for you. If aesthetic culture delights you, then sprawling the Grand Palace is a great deal for sightseeing. Believe you will struggle to spot a more spectacular and ornate temple than this.

Close by to the Grand Palace is Wat Phra Kaew, otherwise called The Temple of the Emerald Buddha. This Buddha sculpture is ostensibly the most worshipped in the entirety of Thailand and attracts travelers from around the globe. It’s actually very little, however, it has a significant story to tell. It’s just 66cm tall yet is cut from a solitary bit of jade.

 Songkran festival on Khao San road
Songkran celebration is the most commended energetic open occasion in Thailand. Festivities of conventional Thai New Year a.k.a. The Water Festival proceeds for 3-straight-days constantly. The custom of water pouring is implied as an image of washing ceaselessly sins. As a major aspect of the wild and wet merriments, to shield from insidious spirits, Thais rub individuals’ appearances with the regular white pale powder blended in water.

Being the longest Thai occasion occurring in April which is the most sweltering month of the year, this mark celebration is truly astounding and best experienced in the Khaosan zone.

The daytime of Khao San road may not be delightful but the nightlife is extravagant. You

If you are a backpacker, then you ought to visit the Khaosan road, else your trip is deficient in the heavenly vibes and ultimate fun.

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